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Libertarian Party of San Mateo Endorsements Primary June 7, 2016

The Central Committee of the Libertarian Party of San Mateo County CA
made these endorsements by unanimous votes at the Pre-Election Meeting
on May 24, 2016.

John McAfee

US Senator
Mark M Herd

US House of Representatives, 18th District
Richard B Fox

CA State Assembly, 24th District
John M Inks

Measure AA
Measure 50

As I was was one of the attendees and the vote was unanimous I obviously agree.

Unforeseen Consequences or Are They?

Most of us are thankful we have laws and regulations protecting us from infringement upon our rights as humans. We're glad for the systems which enforce due process to protect us from errant arrests, searches, seizures, and other acts against us by those we employ; police, other agents, or other parties.

Why don't they fix that?

A common bit of conversation I run into in social gatherings, whether at the fitness club, the local watering hole, or even over a meal, revolves around something that isn't happening the way someone wants. The most often heard rhetorical questions sound something along the lines of "Why doesn't **insert government body here** fix that?".

Do You Follow a Government Sponsored Lifestyle?

I caught the headline of a Kiplinger Article recently. The headline read “Tax Breaks for the Middle Class”. While some of the tips are great for those in the middle, some of it seem to be directed at the lower income levels, as the limits were quite low. At least for someone in Santa Cruz or anywhere near the San Francisco Bay Area.

NSA vs. Private Sector Snooping - False Flag

In reading various articles, blogs, and comments I've observed quite a few individuals support the NSA's activity in gathering the electronic records of US citizens and other residents. The argument they use is that the private sector, organizations like communication and Internet based companies, have been doing this for years. Slurping our data at every corner as we make phone calls or browse the web.

Is Being a Libertarian Too Much Work?

Part of being a libertarian that I have always found time consuming is having to actually exercise my critical thinking abilities. A public issue comes to light and my opinion has to be developed. Typically that involves going on-line and reading a bunch of source material from the "left" and the "right" plus several articles that I hope are balanced. If it involves upcoming legislation I might read several summaries. Some libertarians read the complete text, but I rarely go that far and am thankful for those that have the time.

Government Shutdown - Irrational at Best

Like many, have been keeping an eye on how our representatives are doing in coming to a solution on the government shutdown and the upcoming default.

I've used the lower-case representatives as I'm not only referring to Congress, but also to the Senate and the Administration. They are all our elected representatives.

DOMA and Prop 8 - What's Next?

With the recent repeal of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) and California's Prop 8 (elimination of same-sex couples right to marry) there has been a lot of celebration among the LGBT community, libertarians, and other groups and persons who consider individuals' inalienable rights of self-determination, expression, and equal protection derived from nature and the United States Constitution cannot be abridged.

How the Concept of Money has Lost its Way

What is money? Historically money was created to represent a permanence of value. Whereas the value of labor or a commodity could be fleeting, money and therefore value could be retained for the future. It also provided a common currency for trade.

Trying to Have a Logical Argument with an Illogical Person

Did you ever start having a conversation with a person that drifted into the political realm and realize you're not dealing with a logical person. The hardest part I have with this is that is usually with a friendly acquaintance, so I try to bow out gracefully before my blood begins to boil to the point where I become the irrational one.


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