Trying to Have a Logical Argument with an Illogical Person

Did you ever start having a conversation with a person that drifted into the political realm and realize you're not dealing with a logical person. The hardest part I have with this is that is usually with a friendly acquaintance, so I try to bow out gracefully before my blood begins to boil to the point where I become the irrational one.

The Fiscal Cliff; are We Too Big to Fail

The 'Fiscal Cliff' seems to be the same as the 'Too Big to Fail' crisis that was created for the banking and some manufacturing industries. It seems to me that the only reason we have this problem is our Federal Government and its subsidiaries (states and local government) has gotten to the size where it impacts not only our own, but global economies, by every little twitch they make. To the astute observer one can easily see that they've become the elephant in the room.

Voting for Gary Johnson

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is getting my vote. There, I said it and nobody will be surprised as I've been quite honest in my opinions of both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

When voting many of us find one issue that is a must. We simply pick the candidate that boasts how they are going to have the government do something for us. In many cases what they are going to give us, as in what program will they add to assist our own personal bottom line. Whether it is a monetary subsidy specifically aimed at our situation or a privilege denied to others.

Why libertarians Fail to Gain Traction

While there seems to be an increased interest in libertarian values as of late, there is an inherent incompatibility with those values and its success in today's society.

Those who are Libertarians or have come to embrace libertarian values are faced with a conundrum. Libertarian values of self-direction, liberty, and accountability create independent people. People who realize that they, themselves, are or should be in control of their future.

Chick-fil-A Fracas Caused by Government Action

Everybody seems to be talking about Chick-fil-A's president's opposition to same-sex marriage, so I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents (or 12 to 55 cents based on 2 cents in the year I was born).

How does this sit with my libertarian viewpoint?

Since he has been vocal about his opposition to marriage equality he certainly is willing to be in the cross-hairs of an issue with a lot of friction and energy. The agitation caused within our society is the direct result of our governments' insistence on being involved with marriage in several different ways, one good, many bad.

USDA No Down Payment Loans in SLV

Did you know the USDA (US Department of Agriculture), the people who approve your meat, are in the business of making home loans? Not only are they in this business, but they offer low interest, no money down loans in specific areas. One of these areas happens to be the San Lorenzo Valley (also Watsonville, Salinas, and Hollister) for people with credit scores as low as 640 and rebates which can be used for closing costs and other items including possibly renovation.

Slow Down. It's the Law.

We see signs like this everywhere we drive either fixed posts or lighted billboards. Whether it's Slow Down, Fasten Your Seat Belts, Move Over, Don't Litter or the multitude of other "It's the Law" commands.

It isn't only through driving where we are introduced to these commands. We are given this reason by government jurisdictions with many things we do daily. If you inquire from many official bodies why you need to be doing one thing or not doing another they will commonly reply "because it's the law".

What is Marriage?

My friend and colleague Steven Kiefel at Q54 Strategic recently posted a blog about marriage titled "Who are you going to Marry". This is a topic I've spent little time thinking about recently, but as with him President Obama's recently announced support for same-sex marriage brought it to the forefront of my thoughts.

Many would think that as a gay individual that this would be more a more predominant item on my agenda. I suppose I've been watching the course of the LGBT fight for equality and felt that the individuals driving the effort were handling things just fine and little did they need my help. Another reason might be that I don't foresee any prospect for wanting marriage in my near future. Or maybe I've just become apathetic to the process with all the other issues affecting our lives.

Social Responsiblity and Libertarian-ism

One of the reasons I joined RHC Software late last year was because of its philosophy and goal to be a Socially Responsible company. At the time I had a vague idea of what that was and even the company hadn't quite defined which term adequately fit their framework and aims.

Soon after I joined RHC Software we talked about being a Social Enterprise, but that seemed to reflect a more non-profit attitude and though the term Socially Responsible continues to be dynamic, mean many things to many people, and be measured in different ways by organizations and institutes that do such things it seemed to be the closest thing that matched where we wanted to go.

Mitt Romney - War Hawk?

Then I came upon a show stopper. He is a war hawk and proudly displays so on his campaign website ( Romney says "It is only American power—conceived in the broadest terms—that can provide the foundation for an international system that ensures the security and prosperity of the United States and our friends and allies.". How can this be interpreted in any other way than a massive spending program? The only prosperity this will ensure is for the military industrial complex.


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