EPA Lead RRP Requirements Draconian

In April of 2008 the EPA issued a rule requiring the use of lead-safe practices applicable to renovation, repair, and painting contractors. This rule began its full effect on April 22, 2010.

In conversations with multiple contractors which this rule is applicable and with the increased knowledge obtained through training I have come to understand the draconian implications this rule will have on everybody who owns, rents, or uses pre-1978 property.

Memorial Day

I honor all who have fought and died in the service of protecting and defending our Country.

To those who have selflessly served and paid the ultimate price I wish there was an opportunity to shake their hand or give them a warm embrace.

Remember whenever you meet a service member that they may be called at anytime to make the sacrifice that we honor today. Shake their hand and embrace them, as they are defending your Constitutional rights with their lives.

Illegal Immigration - Reality Check

First, I think it is disrespectful of the US Constitution and the Legislature for this Administration and past Administrations to establish policies which ignore adherence and enforcement of established laws whether I personally agree with them or not. Under current law the Federal government is responsible for protecting the United States borders and it is the responsibility of the Administration to perform that duty with all available resources or admit its failure.

Second, I believe the laws regarding immigration are all wrong! Also, other laws, such as illegal drug and minimum wage laws, enhance problems associated with border crossings, crime, and other illicit activities.

Income Tax Discrimination

The tax code repeats certain terms frequently:

  • Special Rules
  • Exception
  • Designated
  • Credit
  • Targeted
  • Qualified

The United States Internal Revenue Code is one of the most inequitable instruments ever devised. By proffering credits, deductions, and other special treatments to certain individuals, organizations, or geographical areas on the basis of preferred action or condition the Tax Code is utilized as a political device to drive special agendas.

Special Interest Groups - Lobbyist

Everyday we hear that lobbyists are pushing their agenda in Washington. Lobbyists are defined as people who try (and many times succeed) to influence legislation and policy.

We are all part of Special Interest Groups whether organized or not. Each of us have characteristics, prejudices, ideologies, and just plain likes and dislikes which place us in groups. Some of us are Catholic business owners in Missouri, some are gay soldiers serving in Iraq, and the diversity is as infinite as the number of individuals.

Minimum Wage Laws Foster Illegal Immigration

There is much fervor over Illegal Immigration and how "those people" are not paying taxes, using "free" resources such as health care, and a myriad of other problems. Some of it comes from racism, although the term racism is sometimes used in place of the proper term of foreigner, but much of it comes from a perception that these individuals are getting benefits without paying taxes.

Unions are Monopolies

Labor Unions are functionally not very much different from Corporations or government. Both represent groups of people. Corporations represent stockholders, those who own and control the activity of their company. Government represents the citizens who in essence are stockholders. Labor Unions represent the people who might work in either place. Each is a body composed of a group of people which was organized for their benefit. Each derives these benefits from their cumulative activity.

A Problem with Republican Party Values

Ok, so I was looking at a statement by a Republican Congressman about the values of the Republican Party and it occurred to me that I should read their current Platform again.

After reading some of their Values I came up with a number of issues, but one set of contradictory statements really stood out.

The first part was Preserving Traditional Marriage and their support of the Defense of Marriage Act and wanting to add additional language to make marriage as a union between a man and woman only nationally.

The Monetary System

Last week I attended the regular meeting of Silicon Valley Campaign for Liberty. Their guest speaker was Kirk MacKenzie, the author of Money, Defending Your Prosperity. He presented and described our current monetary system, its history, and some of the virtues and problems.

Attendees who have read his book commented that it was very insightful as most people, including our current elected officials, have limited or no understanding on how "money" is created and how it interacts with our economy.

Government Involvement in Our Lives

I had been busy the last few weeks making sure I was qualified for the ballot by getting all my petitions in line for the nomination and signature-in-lieu processes, so while I kept tabs on what was going on I didn't have much of an opportunity to sit down and look at anything in depth.


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