Chick-fil-A Fracas Caused by Government Action

Everybody seems to be talking about Chick-fil-A's president's opposition to same-sex marriage, so I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents (or 12 to 55 cents based on 2 cents in the year I was born).

How does this sit with my libertarian viewpoint?

Since he has been vocal about his opposition to marriage equality he certainly is willing to be in the cross-hairs of an issue with a lot of friction and energy. The agitation caused within our society is the direct result of our governments' insistence on being involved with marriage in several different ways, one good, many bad.

The government has done a reasonable job at making it more difficult to discriminate against LGBT people in public and in employment. Doing this through "hate crime" legislation is definitely not my preferred method of doing this as enforcing discrimination/marginalization protection can simply be done by having agencies enforce laws already available to them designed to protect all people's rights to self and property.

What governments has not done so well is create a system which grants privileges to certain people based on a legal status, marriage, which governments have created and enforced for the benefit of those allowed to obtain such status. This inherently creates a rift between haves and have nots. In any case where special treatment is given to one group and withheld from the rest there will be contention.

Governments are now going the extra mile trying to patch a problem they exacerbated by telling private businesses that they may not open or locate companies in their communities that take a stance against something that through their own duplicity foster and discourage. This creates further alienation for everyone.

If governments truly wanted to dissipate the issue they would remove themselves from defining special classes of individuals whether married, by race, sexual preference, or the other multitude of divisions they can create. It is a long list that we all have paid dearly to create.

In the case of the special class of marriage governments should remove themselves from the playing field and "marriage" should be a contract between individuals. No special treatment via the 1000+ laws instituted to grant special advantages to a targeted group. Each individual should demand their own equality in a system which has grown to cultivate inequality.

Finally back to Chick-fil-A. They should be able to locate anywhere any similar type business is allowed. We have the right not to utilize their products or services based on their behavior. We should be allowed to peacefully protest through various means and make public information they have already made public.

I choose not to patronize Chick-fil-A which, through its president, has defined themselves as a bigoted organization by their own choice. I will also not use products or services that through credible evidence display this behavior.

I've made my choice. How about you?