Government Shutdown - Irrational at Best

Like many, have been keeping an eye on how our representatives are doing in coming to a solution on the government shutdown and the upcoming default.

I've used the lower-case representatives as I'm not only referring to Congress, but also to the Senate and the Administration. They are all our elected representatives.

My personal interest might be more keen than others. As a real estate agent my life is economically affected by the health of the mortgage market. Mortgages, not just government backed FHA or USDA loans, are not essentially on hold in many cases (SF Gate article).

It isn't just me who is affected by this standstill. My buyers and sellers are now also stuck. Some in mid-stream of attempting to complete a transaction. Buyers who have paid for inspections and deposited money stand the risk of losing their money and purchase. Sellers face a severely diminished market for their homes. Mortgage brokers lose some or all of their income along with title companies. Home, termite, and other inspectors also lose income. All interested parties are affected.

The real estate business isn't the only one feeling the effects. Companies who provide services at National Parks and Monuments are near out of business for the duration. Defense contractor employees are facing furloughs. The list gets long.

While it looks like federal employees will be paid for their furloughed and non-working time the rest of us are just going to have to take it in the shorts. I don't see anything on the government's table suggesting the private sector will be reimbursed for their failure. Maybe they see it as our failure for electing them in the first place.

Contrary to the opinion proffered by the Libertarian Party I don't support the immediate partial shutdown of the public facing federal government services most punitive to the people, while the back-end non-essential services continue. I view such a move by the federal government as irresponsible. Using punitive actions against the public to play their schoolyard testosterone inspired games is only self-serving.

I do stand by the reason and rationality of severely curtailing federal government, but you can't do it by letting the moving train slam into a wall. The best way to "fix" things is to continue to work voting the current people out and replacing them with open, rational, and thinking individuals.