Health and Medicine

One of the main causes of the rising costs of healthcare can be attributed to the governments intervention in the process.

As recently as the 1960s, low-cost health insurance was available to virtually everyone in America - including people with existing medical problems. Doctors made house calls. A hospital stay cost only a few days' pay. Charity hospitals were available to take care of families who could not afford to pay for healthcare.

Since then the federal government has increasingly intervened through Medicare, Medicaid, the HMO Act and tens of thousands of regulations on doctors, hospitals and health-insurance companies.

Today, more than 50 percent of all healthcare dollars are spent by the government.

Health insurance costs are skyrocketing. Government health programs are heading for bankruptcy. Politicians continue to pile on the regulations.

The only healthcare reforms that will make a real difference are those that draw on the strength of the free market.

  • Establish Medical Saving Accounts.

    Under this program, you could deposit tax-free money into a Medical Savings Account (MSA). Whenever you need the money to pay medical bills, you will be able to withdraw it. For individuals without an MSA, all healthcare expenditures should be 100 percent tax deductible.

  • Deregulate the healthcare industry.

    We should repeal all government policies that increase health costs and decrease the availability of medical services. For example, every state has laws that mandate coverage of specific disabilities and diseases. These laws reduce consumer choice and increase the cost of health insurance. By making insurance more expensive, mandated benefits increase the number of uninsured American workers.

  • Remove barriers to safe, affordable medicines.

    We should replace harmful government agencies like the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) with more agile, free-market alternatives. The mission of the FDA is to protect us from unsafe medicines. In fact, the FDA has driven up healthcare costs and deprived millions of Americans of much-needed treatments. For example, during a 10-year delay in approving Propanolol Propranolol (a heart medication for treating angina and hypertension), approximately 100,000 people died who could have been treated with this lifesaving drug. Bureaucratic roadblocks kill sick Americans.

  • Removal of any invasion by government in an individuals medical decisions.
    • Any laws that force doctors and other health care professionals to report to the government the affairs of their patients, for example, medical records.
    • The repeal of all laws mandating any non-consensual relationship between a health care provider and patient.
    • The repeal of laws and regulations which prohibit and otherwise curtail the selection and practice of unorthodox medical procedures.
    • Forced or mandated medication such as fluoridation of water, compulsory vaccination, and involuntary sterilization.
    • Any measures that would extend health insurance to uninsured persons through taxpayers' funds, by requiring businesses to provide insurance, or by requiring insurance companies to insure persons or illnesses they choose not to insure.
  • Use of government (your) money for the support of special interest.
    • Tax supported medical care, abortion services, and research facilities.
    • Grants and subsidies to members of the medical profession.
    • Government-funded medical programs such as Medi-Cal and neo-natal care for infants.