Job Creation the Government Way

Recently I was looking into several government programs that offer assistance. I figured after many years of paying taxes that maybe I should take advantage of all my hard-earned money that is confiscated by the government.

I found a program that sounded like it might help if certain conditions came up in my life. Easy I thought. Read the instructions, fill out a form, and wait for a reply. No, that isn't how it works. I really wasn't surprised by this; knowing how government works. I also understand that since their giving out "free" money certain protections need to exist, but I never really thought of it as a jobs program.

A jobs program? No, you don't get the job, but someone else does.

After reading the qualifications and the referenced forms I quickly realized by the arcane way things are written if I was going to be successful in applying for the offered assistance that I would need someone well versed in the program to help me out. Well it turns out that the government has staff to do this via an 800 number; the first job created.

It turns out that they really don't want you to do this by yourself, but with the assistance of a case worker and possibly a social worker (jobs two and three) provided either directly by the government, but more often by an NGO (non-governmental organization) partially or fully funded by the government.

So there you go. We now have up to three jobs created and I still might not have the assistance I am qualified to receive paid for by my own taxes because there is always a wait or a technicality to be resolved.

But it doesn't stop there because those three people are part of a hierarchy. They require supervisors, management, offices, and all the associated things to make things run, so now many jobs have been created.

In many ways it is similar to the jobs created by legislation, often written by lawyers, that keep oh so many lawyers employed and tax codes written to keep all those CPAs busy. None of this contributing to productivity or growth, but merely handing papers back and forth.

All the while I'm still waiting for some help at the local food kitchen. Luckily those are staffed by many volunteers.