Mob Rule, the Mindset of Our Time

When I was elementary school I was taught about democracy and how through majority vote "the people" could decide the direction of society for the better good of all. I was taught how much better this was than a monarchy at making decisions as monarchies were made up of greedy people who were only in it for their own gain.

This made perfect sense to my young mind. I would have a vote, I would get to say how my life would be, I would be free of the oppression that caused some of my ancestors to flee the monarchies of Europe.

I later learned in Civics class in high school how our great American society was set up through the three branches of government (legislative, executive, and judicial) how everything was to be kept in check through the Constitution so we as Americans didn't need to worry about another ruling class so we could peacefully create our lives in our own image without worry of oppression again.

So how did we end up with our current situation where oppression of freedoms is slowly becoming the norm, with a ruling class with power over our lives sheltered from the effects of their decisions? How did we end up with the collusion of high government bodies and big corporations to affect a mob-like culture? Aren't "the people" still in control?

To answer the last question, yes we are still in control, but through our own individual apathy and greed we are letting the wolves run loose in the hen house. We allowed those we have given power, our two major political parties, to offer mediocre choices leading to our own indifference, believing we cannot control our destinies. We have chosen to be a "what can I take" society instead of a "how can I help" and in doing so have created our own mobs, squabbling among ourselves while letting the "new royals" increasingly make rules that allow neither except for their own benefit.

From the altruism of our founding fathers belief that mankind will make collective decisions for societal benefit, engendered by their newly fought for and found freedom to the optimism of a small school boy we need to again capture our belief in our liberty and the liberty of others.

So when going to the polls next fall, and please do go, I suggest that instead of asking yourself what will this candidate do for me you should ask what you would not want them to do to anybody, including yourself.

For better or worse we are the ultimate mob, so we better step our game up and rid ourselves of our petty differences and selfishness or lose it all.