Occupy Wall Street - Misguided?

The federal government is The Big Corporation and it keeps getting bigger.

Our federal government and most government bodies in the United States are set up as corporations where each physical member, adult citizen, is in theory a stock holder with an equal right to vote; each owning one share.

As with all corporations there are certain groups, parties, that get together to pool their votes to achieve influence over the outcome to serve their interests. Those with more resources put additional pressure through lobbying gain further influence over outcomes.

The founding fathers (sorry women there were no founding mothers at the time) understood that those given power without limits would utilize it to feather their and their friends nests, so they created the US Constitution as a set of bylaws to protect the shareholders (citizens) from those they new would ultimately seek positions of control.

They knew their Constitution wasn't perfect and also realized that time itself would require changes so they left ways for the Constitution to be amended with the altruistic view that those who did so had their same integrity. Unfortunately we know this not to be true.

The biggest loophole established through the amendment process occurred on February 3, 1913; the 16th amendment. Better known as the Income Tax Amendment, but should be more appropriately named the Extortion and Cronyism Amendment.

Through the use of The Tax Code the government confiscate monies from their citizens in percentages and amounts it deems appropriate for specific types of citizens they like or dislike based on the political wind. Likewise they dole out favors in the form of subsidies and credits to "friends of the family"; companies and individuals which support them.

So if the folks participating in Occupy Wall Street and other Occupy movements throughout the country really wanted to get rid of cronyism, big corporations, and finance maybe they should direct their efforts to one of the big factors that created it in the first place, the 16th amendment and the US Tax Code.

On the other hand they could just be looking for handouts and other freebies.