Paul announces his intention to run for office

"When in the course of human events...."
These few words and the ones that followed it are what drove Paul into becoming a public figure. That and a phone call from the Libertarian Party of California (
"On December 3rd of this year I received a phone call from a Party representative. The caller asked if I would like to run for public office in the next election cycle. My quick answer was no, but as I thought about it for a few minutes, weighing the responsibilities and the possible opening of my life to the public against how the last several years our government had affected my family, friends, and community, I changed my answer to yes." said Paul.
Paul continued "Everywhere I went people were complaining of the burdens of regulation and taxation and how on even a modest income those burdens were affecting their ability to thrive. I concluded that sitting on the sidelines was no longer an option."