PG&E and others doing a great job

Last week's wind storms reminded me the price paid for living in the beautiful redwoods in San Lorenzo Valley (Ben Lomond, California) at the top of a ridge. Wednesday as the winds turned relentless the power went off at my house. Since we are dependent on electricity for not only lighting, but everything including the water well, we were pretty much out of luck.

I'd like to commend PG&E for their vast response to a very difficult area with some very difficult terrain and other obstacles, not too mention continuing wind for another day or so.

Once I figured a way out one of the three exit roads blocked by fallen trees, using the back fire road to the third exit with the assistance of some newly found neighbors and their helpful chainsaw, I was able to get to the Scotts Valley fast food row. During my numerous journeys over the next few days I was impressed by the armies of workers and their vehicles from PG&E, AT&T, and Comcast (people gotta have their cable apparently) continuously passing me. There was also quite a bit of activity from CalTrans and tree services clearing paths, although not as many obvious as the number of blue PG&E trucks.

Of course, many private citizens worked equally as hard in this self-sufficient area of rugged folk. Many choosing the area for its independent culture as well as the lush forests.

So while it took a little over 3 days to get the power back on far up on the ridge, I again commend the crews on their overwhelming efforts.

I would just wonder what would happen if FEMA had been involved. Would we be still waiting for relief?