Proposition 8

As I follow the Proposition 8 court proceedings I find that the argument put forth by the defense that LGBT citizens should not be a special class or given more rights than other people is very misleading.

It is obvious to me that people who are married are the actual special class. They are allowed rights and privileges that other citizens are not. Including, but not limited to, tax advantages, joint parenting, adoption, and visitation privileges, next of kin status, immigration & residency for partners, right of survivorship, veterans discounts, and decision making powers.

This special class of marriage not only excludes LGBT citizens, but also single non-LGBT identified persons unless a lot of expense goes into legalizing a formal arrangement.

I would advocate removing the definition of marriage from the government and let persons for whatever legal arrangement they desire leaving marriage to either an identification they seek through their religious organization or self-identified.

By defining marriage the government(s) are simply codifying discrimination by who a person chooses to associate. The government has no interest and therefore no cause to allow certain citizens special rights and privileges based on their personal life.