Right to Arms

The right to bear arms by the people is guaranteed in the US Bill of Rights.

The right to life, liberty, and property implies a right of defense of self and property, and a right to
acquire and maintain the tools to exercise such self defense, and because an armed citizenry is the final defense against government tyranny.

The 2nd amendment states that this right shall not be infringed.

It does not say the right exists if you buy only specified types of arms. It also doesn't say you must give up your rights to privacy, an infringement on a basic human right, by registering your arm. Further, control of ammunition for arms by limiting its availablity or creating any impediment to its procurement, including special taxation, is implicitly implied.

Therefore I support the following:

  • The repeal of laws regulating the ownership and bearing of arms, including automatic or so-called assault
  • The elimination of registration and all other government records pertaining to ownership of arms.
  • The repeal of laws requiring permission from any government agency for any purpose relating to arms and
  • The right of airlines and other common carriers to decide their own weapons policies.

I also oppose extension of liability to the manufacturers or vendors of arms for crimes committed by the users of such arms, as how an individual uses an arm or any other tool is the solely the responsibility of the individual. There is no difference in the implement use for committing a violent crime otherwise we would also have to extend liability to manufacturers of knives, vehicles, pipe manufactures, fertilizer, household chemicals, rat poisons, etc.

I personally don't care for or own a gun, but this is my choice. If I felt it necessary to protect my life, liberty, or property I would not hesitate to do so and strongly feel creating any impediment or delay to that decision is also an infringement on my right to self-protection.