Social Responsiblity and Libertarian-ism

One of the reasons I joined RHC Software late last year was because of its philosophy and goal to be a Socially Responsible company. At the time I had a vague idea of what that was and even the company hadn't quite defined which term adequately fit their framework and aims.

Soon after I joined RHC Software we talked about being a Social Enterprise, but that seemed to reflect a more non-profit attitude and though the term Socially Responsible continues to be dynamic, mean many things to many people, and be measured in different ways by organizations and institutes that do such things it seemed to be the closest thing that matched where we wanted to go.

From my self-defined libertarian perspective of wanting to be a self-determinant individual I was looking for a job where not only was I going to be able to create a reasonable living, but one with a company where I wouldn't have to compromise my ideals during the workday grind. Of course, I also didn't want it to be a grind!

While I always had equated my own brand of libertarian-ism with being socially responsible, meaning being determinant for my own life with all its successes and failures, but also considerate and respective of other individuals to do the same, with the responsibility to help others attain their aspirations as well as assist in times of distress, I had previously experienced only bits and pieces of this through many corporate cultures.

Maybe the issue is the way the public has limited its definition of Socially Responsible? One source  measures being Socially Responsible as "transparency in financial reporting, producing a quality product, and not misrepresenting it, being upfront and forthright if the product endangers the public, not engaging in offshore manufacturing practices like child labour, not polluting the environment, adhering to laws and regulations and being respectful, fair and open in employment practices.".

While inclusive of my definition it also leaves out the most important part, the personal and corporate responsibility to help others, and even more troubling reflects that it is the adherence to laws which bring about the most responsibility, while in truth, at least my truth, laws are the lowest reason to be Socially Responsible. Laws are governors of least expectation. They are at most the minimum requirement and should not be the end goal or aspiration.

Profit is important and is not mutually exclusive of being socially responsible. All actions of a company need not be measured by the dollars or monies spent toward responsibility or toward the count of the laws it abides by, but how it internally and externally treats its members, clients, the public at large, and the universe we all exist.

Through my work with WiseSAM, our online scheduling and management application, and Q54Strategic, our brand devoted to developing leadership and choice through its Choose Your Destiny program and other training, I've worked with a group of ranging from teens to seniors, from socialists, humanists, and other self-professed libertarians. My finding among, our hopefully not unique open culture, is that we all have the altruistic libertarian values. It is merely the way we manifest and label ourselves that define the differences.

Libertarian values of independence, liberty, respect, caring, and non-advocation of use of force are core to the definition of being Socially Responsible.