State of the Union

While not by any means covering everything here are a few things I noted in the State of the Union address by President Obama last evening.

Mr. Obama mentioned 25 tax cuts. While I'm not questioning that there were cuts I would have liked to have known what these cuts were since I don't know of anybody who received them. It also means that there were at least 25 taxes directed toward specific groups or individuals. Taxes which are levied on specific groups and individuals suggest a method of manipulation of the social and business climate by government, which I oppose. If further suggests that these taxes were put in place to hamper certain activities, thereby promoting others.

Job creation by artificial stimulation, even if it does creates jobs, is costly and temporary. It also furthers expansion of government which doesn't historically shrink. For every government dollar spent there is a hierarchy of bureaucrats created to follow the dollar which ultimately results in diminished return on the expense. Also, in any construction project utilizing public funds an artificial set of minimum wages (prevailing wages) are used to prop up union existence and is truly non-competitive leading public money projects to cost 40% or more than the same work done by the competitive private sector. True stimulation of jobs would come through reducing the size of government and returning working people's money to them where they can support the economy and themselves directly.

Any spending freeze is a good start, but this essentially means we will continue to see deficit spending for many years to come. It is important that departments and agencies that are either redundant or provide services not really in the purview of the Federal government need to be eliminated.

I'm never really sure what the government defines as small business when it is discussed. A tax credit, unless immediate and substantial, will induce little or none in the creation of jobs by cash strapped small businesses under 25 employees. Tax credits are of little immediate use to small businesses that are not producing a profit and therefore paying no taxes. A better alternative would be the elimination or reduction of employer payroll taxes.

Tax credits to parent(s) who support their adult child's higher education is essentially a tax on that child's future plus interest when the government is in a deficit spending mode. Without full details I can't be sure, but it also seems the credit will be allowed by the parent(s) of adults where if I supported a credit it should only legally be allowed to the adult participant. In the end I don't support tax credits to special interest groups, this one included.

Lastly it is irritating that the only other political philosophy considered by the Democrats is Republican and the only other philosophy considered by the Republicans is Democrat. Their total dismissal of third party and independent voters is arrogant and repulsive.