Thank You for Your Support

Thank you to all those who supported my campaign and the principals I believe are at the heart of most Americans whether they believe it or not.

We were able to put together 3.0% of the vote or 6,735 (as of semi-official results of November 24, 2010) voters. This might not seem much, but when you realize that there are approximately 2,000 registered Libertarians in the district I think we did quite well with over twice that number and a campaign budget that totaled somewhere around $200.00.

I've learned a lot during this first campaign and while I'm not yet committed to the 2012 campaign I'm leaning that way. Regardless of whether I run again or not one of the things I truly believe is that Libertarian principals are consistent and stronger than my opponents and will gather momentum in the near years to come.

I'll continue to use this site to occasionally comment on items affecting all of us.

Thank you again.