Voting for Gary Johnson

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is getting my vote. There, I said it and nobody will be surprised as I've been quite honest in my opinions of both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

When voting many of us find one issue that is a must. We simply pick the candidate that boasts how they are going to have the government do something for us. In many cases what they are going to give us, as in what program will they add to assist our own personal bottom line. Whether it is a monetary subsidy specifically aimed at our situation or a privilege denied to others.

Using this logic we tend to grasp on to a person who we believe to be electable and ignore their other beliefs, actions, and promises which we might have a disagreement. In the current scheme of things this ends up being a Republican or Democrat.

This exposes a selfish side to American culture. It also creates a society subject to entropy and decline.

What would happen if we took a different, albeit more utopian, view and voted for the candidate that would work for all of us by not selecting the winners or losers once in office based on the good ole boy system. What if the candidate was well versed in the political system, yet knew that the current workings simply were a game for those in power whose only enrichment is caused by boosting one segment by trampling another?

My support for Gary Johnson comes from my belief and his actions to allow people their choice in how they guide their lives while understanding that choices come with accountability and also mishaps. His understanding that government is not their to manipulate the futures of people, but to protect their rights as free beings.

No one is the perfect solution, but Gary Johnson doesn't claim to be. His solutions come from letting us provide our own solutions.

I recommend reading the following articles on for information about Gary and his two main competitors:

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Then decide for all of us... not just for you.