You are content according to Anna Eshoo

According to Ms. Eshoo's blog which references a "recent" Gallup Poll (no date or link given) our District is the most content in the Country.

Personally I think being termed content is an insult. I haven't met anyone in the district that is content. Being content is a term I usually refer to my sleeping dogs. Not being content does not mean you are unhappy.

She further goes on to request nice little puff pieces from her constituents. Is this meant to make her feel content so she can put her feet up and say she has done a nice job?

If I was going to describe the people I have met and listened to in the 14th District I would more accurately describe them as driven, innovative, creative, energetic, vibrant, and yes, frustrated. Frustrated with government and its intrusion in your life and efforts to make you content.

If you think your government officials should continue to work at making you a passive, content creature feel free to vote for Ms. Eshoo. It is my belief that most of us would rather enjoy the excitement that comes with freedom and liberty. I solicit your support to make that happen.

(a static copy of her blog is provided for verification if the above link changes)