You Don't Have to Agree With Me

As I listen to most politicians they ask for your vote based on what they believe is right for you and promise if they get elected they will make sure what is right for you is right for everyone. They want you to sign up for their ideology, their view on how you, your neighbors, your country, and the world should behave; a monolithic bowl of jello (or koolaid) all marching lockstep toward the future.

Overall in the current political environment you are given two choices and with those two choices you must buy into the whole package whether you support all the policies contained in the package or not and by doing so allowing your Representative to make choices not just for you, but for everyone. Not only does this one-size-fits-all mentality obviously not work as seen through history's creation and fall of many governments it goes against what I believe most of us think is the "American Way".

Government's main role is to promote the common welfare of its citizens. This does not limit itself to the physical necessities of food and shelter. It includes the total well being which includes the right to be self-determinant; to allow the individual their own choice in how to pursue happiness with the limitations being the infringement of other individual's rights to pursue the same, harming through fraud or violence, and intrusion of personal rights of property and peaceful enjoyment.

Government's role is not to enforce the will of the majority on individuals, nor to proffer benefits, monetary or otherwise, to individuals or organizations based on their support of the current government's policies.

So, you don't have to agree with me. In fact I would not expect you to agree with me on most things, but I would ask that you agree with me on a few important points to earn your vote.

  • Government exists to protect your rights.
  • Government exists to protect other's rights.
  • Government does not exist to provide favor to one over another.
  • Government does not exist to modify or impede your choices.
  • Government does not exist to modify or impede other nations except for defense.

As it isn't quite campaign time and I'm not even fully committed to running in 2012 I'm simply offering foods for thought on how you want government to fit into your life. Is your wish for government to enforce your will on your neighbor thereby allowing the government to possibly inflict your neighbor's will on yourself or do you want the freedom to follow your dreams?

If your first reaction is "but we need government to do this" please reconsider why. There are many valid reasons for governments to exist, but most of the activities of our current Federal government are outside those reasons.