Paul's Mission
  • To defend individual rights and freedoms.
  • To promote the value of personal responsibility for actions.
  • To reduce the burdens of government on people.
  • To reinforce the individual's right to define their own life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

Mob Rule, the Mindset of Our Time

When I was elementary school I was taught about democracy and how through majority vote "the people" could decide the direction of society for the better good of all. I was taught how much better this was than a monarchy at making decisions as monarchies were made up of greedy people who were only in it for their own gain.

This made perfect sense to my young mind. I would have a vote, I would get to say how my life would be, I would be free of the oppression that caused some of my ancestors to flee the monarchies of Europe.

Occupy Wall Street - Misguided?

The federal government is The Big Corporation and it keeps getting bigger.

Our federal government and most government bodies in the United States are set up as corporations where each physical member, adult citizen, is in theory a stock holder with an equal right to vote; each owning one share.

As with all corporations there are certain groups, parties, that get together to pool their votes to achieve influence over the outcome to serve their interests. Those with more resources put additional pressure through lobbying gain further influence over outcomes.

Job Creation the Government Way

Recently I was looking into several government programs that offer assistance. I figured after many years of paying taxes that maybe I should take advantage of all my hard-earned money that is confiscated by the government.

My exciting new work at RHC Software and the WiseSAM scheduling and appointment application

I promise not to do too much self-promotion here, but it does pay the bills.

In my last post I mentioned a new and exciting personal opportunity.  Here it is.  The WiseSAM application is great for businesses or indivduals who need to schedule clients.  WiseSAM has a tremendous amount of great features to increase productivity as well as customers.  Now with mobile device accessiblity you can see your schedule on the run.

I look forward to you taking a look and signing up.  With a 30 day free trial the worse that could happen is you end up with new customers.

WiseSAM - Schedule. Invoice. Promote. Profit.

Not running in 2012 for California's 18th Congressional District

After much consideration I've decided not to run in 2012 for California's US Congressional 18th District, much of which used to be the 14th District in 2010 representing parts of San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz Counties.

I have decided to pursue some new and exciting personal opportunities which together with my current obligations will not allow proper allocation of time and resources to run for office, but will hopefully create the environment to allow pursuit of office in the future.

Libertarians and Socialists aren't Too Far Apart

It began with a conversation with a self-described socialist that wasn't completed due to the nature and place it occurred. I also don't know if the individual was a Socialist Party member, so I'm going to talk in small "l" libertarian and small "s" socialist terms, which means in a broad general sense.

Libertarians believe the individual is in ultimate control of their life while socialist believe the collective is responsible and in control of the individual.

Debt Ceilings, Spending, and Revenue

For the most part I haven't commented on the ongoing mess that our Congress and Administration are hashing around other than take the basic Libertarian Party perspective (

In reality while I've kept up with all the shenanigans I've been completely absorbed with trying to survive on the approximately 50% of my earnings the government is letting me keep.

EPA again overreaches with punitive regulations.

I received the below from a national trade organization. It speaks for itself and will cause harm to both struggling homeowners who won't be able to afford to protect their largest investment, their home, and small business contractors and their employees or soon to be ex-employees.

Federal Prevailing Wage (Davis-Bacon) and Union Influence

I've commented on this before, but with so many current issues revolving around what public employees make vs. what private sector employees earn, the federal budget, and what your elected representatives are doing to change or not change it I think it bears revisiting.

What is a Community?

During my day I am often in my vehicle driving between appointments and as I'm not a big music listener I tune into news or talk radio. One thing that drives me crazy is the media's use of the word community. The media reporter or host will often say things like "the gay community believes that free condoms are necessary" or "the black community supports candidate John Doe" or "the Hispanic community wants to open the borders".


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