Libertarian Platform Support

When I first became a Libertarian it was mostly a disillusionment with the party I had been a member of since I first was eligible to vote 30 some years ago. It was the mainstream party which advertised being fiscally conservative, yes the Republicans. In their effort to attract support they engaged and became a tool for the socially conservative (nice words for bigot). It took me a long time to consider changing as the fiscal issues outweighed the social ones in my mind. When the Republican Party decided that fiscal conservancy was to be measured only in how it looked relative to the other major party I decided to pack my bags.

In my first review of the Libertarian Party platform (long edition, see Issues on this site) I was picking and choosing what part of the platform I supported as they were relevent to my life and needs. For instance, I would support the tobacco portion of the platform because I like cigarettes, but didn't support the complete privatization of health care because of a chronic condition and a worry of treatment if I lost my health insurance, a worry many have.

Eventually after much deliberation and reasoning I came to the conclusion that individual rights were not just my individual rights, but everybodies individual rights. If I was to use the government to foster and care for my own needs I would be essentially taking money from those who did not give it willingly, thereby infringing on their rights and compromising their liberty.

I therefore support the entire Libertarian Party of California Platform and the individual rights it pursues on behalf of all citizens.

The National Platform of the Libertarian Platforms is located here:

The Platform of the Libertarian Party of California is located here: