Why a candidate?

A lot about what I believe and the political goals I wish to attain can be found in the reasoning I used to run for office.

Firstly, to get it out of the way, I have no politial ambition or wish to be in public service. Until recently I was quite content letting other people attempt to do the legwork of government on my behalf and engage in the life I had created for myself.

But due to some recent occurances, and by recent I mean the last 20 years or so, I found myself becoming more and more annoyed with the limitations, controls, and burdens that were being placed on me by various government bodies.

Initially I thought it was just the normal ups and downs of government and that with changing administrations over the years things would take care of themselves. This turned out to be a false hope and the "system" has grown to the point that it has the same affect as being a corporate monopoly, leaving no choices in many areas and dictating the outcome under the guise of being good for the masses.

Through my various occupations, which have always involved a large sales and customer service component, in several sectors of industry I have talked to people in many walks of life from company CEO's to laborers, from small business owners to government union employees (outside of their union's earshot). I have gotten to know these individuals on a personal level while building a relationship with them and they have come to know me. As I listened more and more to their concerns and expressed some of mine about where things are and where they are going the response was overwhelmingly the same. The "system" has become too big, unweilding and no longer represents the individuals that created it and has lost respect for indivdual rights and dreams. Everybody was complaining from right-wing conservative to left-wing liberal and at the end of it all we were all on the same page asking the same questons. When did my individual rights as a citizen disappear? What business is it of government to decide what my happiness is? When did it become government's main goal to increase its own revenue and spending?

Finally I got tired of listening to myself complain into the wind or any ear that would bend, so when the opportunity presented itself I found myself with no other option than to take action.